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Welcome to Tried Energy, a reliable energy consultant company, assisting nationwide commercial energy customers in lowering their energy costs. We help all businesses, organizations, institutions, or any commercial energy user to save on electricity and gas bills.

As an energy advocate, we help customers identify opportunities to lower their electricity and natural gas expenses. We understand how time-consuming and mind-boggling shopping for energy could be, with no prior expertise. Comparing energy plans and suppliers, auditing energy data, and monitoring the unpredictable energy marketplace, it’s challenging. This is why, we’re here to help you achieve your goals while ensuring transparency and honest business dealings.

Led by experts specialized in energy procurement, we connect you with the right supplier, from our diverse 100+ nationwide suppliers. We prioritize making your energy shopping experience more seamless and informative so you can make informed decisions, easily.

Take the first step now to start reducing your high energy bills.

100% Free of Charge

Every service and consultation we offer are free of charge, ensuring risk-free management. Please refer to Monetization Disclosure to know more.

Experienced Team

We’re backed up by a team of experts with over 11 years of experience in the commercial energy sector. Ensuring quality consultation and service.

Dedicated Customer Support

We take pride in offering dedicated and personalized customer support. Our experts are always available to answer your queries, assist you on every step, and provide insights.

Proven Record

We’re not bragging, you can see for yourself, how we helped hundreds of commercial clients save on electricity and gas bills. Refer to the Case Studies page to know more.

Customized Solutions

We understand every customer has different needs and goals. So, we offer tailored energy-saving solutions designed specifically for your needs and objectives.

Transparency and trust

We believe in complete transparency in all our dealings. Our commitment to honesty and integrity builds trust and fosters long-term partnerships with our clients.

Why Choose Us

At Tried Energy, we’re committed to offering remarkable energy consulting services, reducing your commercial energy bills. Our expert team offers personalized solutions, market insights, and end-to-end support, ensuring you benefit from the most cost-effective and efficient energy strategies available.

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Meet The Mind Behind Tried Energy

Jesse Myers, the visionary behind Tried Energy, was born in Montclair, New Jersey, and raised in nearby Glen Ridge, just 12 miles from New York City. Jesse moved from Manhattan, New York to Oldsmar, Florida, to embark on his entrepreneurial journey. Since then, he has founded multiple start-ups, building a legacy of innovation, leadership, and collaboration with hundreds of employees and business partners.

In 2023, Jesse successfully sold his FDA-registered manufacturing company, which he built from the ground up, creating nationally distributed brands. He was also a pioneer in the hemp industry, being one of its founding members in 2017 during the height of the hemp craze.

Some of his defining career moments:

Jesse’s entrepreneurial footprint spans three states and various industries, reflecting his adaptability and diverse business acumen. His commitment and care to others has been a consistent thread throughout his life, evident from his days as Student Body President at the prestigious Morristown Beard School in New Jersey, where he promoted ‘Unity, Diversity, and Friendship’—principles he upholds to this day.

He graduated from California State University San Marcos with a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and Marketing, further equipping him with the skills to lead and innovate.

Jesse is also a devoted father to two young daughters, Kayla and Jenelle. He cherishes traveling and going on adventures with them, like their recent canoeing trip at Rainbow Springs in Dunnellon, Florida. In his free time, Jesse enjoys art, visiting museums, cooking, and swimming.

As a visionary leader committed to giving back, Jesse Myers combines his extensive business experience with genuine care for others, driving Tried Energy toward a future of excellence and impact.

Jesse Myers - Founder & CEO of Tried Energy
CEO & Founder
Jesse Myers

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